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AP-GAXXXX_04EV10.pdf1.0ESD Prevention Mechanism for PCB & Layout5/13/2015
AP-TM87P18M-ConvertCode_SV10.pdf1.0TM87P08项目转成TM87P18M需要注意的事项-Application Note8/14/2012
AP-TM8726-InternalRCTemp_CV10.pdf1.0TM8726 內部頻率RC的溫度測試 - Application Note7/30/2012
AP-TM8726_02EV10.pdf1.04-Bite Microcontroller Application Note- TM8726 External RC Frequency Temperature Test11/30/2010
AP-SZ048_20080822.zip1.2SZ048 EEPROM Series Application Note10/29/2010
AP-GAXXXX_09CV10.zip1.04-Bit Microcontroller 利用RFC功能 快速偵測體溫值 使用說明 Application Note 6/29/2010
AP-GAXXXX_08CV10.pdf1.04-Bit Microcontroller Watch Dog功能使用注意事項Application Note6/29/2010
AP-GAXXXX_07EV10.pdf1.0LCD waveform and selection guide for TM87 & TM89 series IC Application Note3/15/2010
AP-GAXXXX_06EV10.pdf1.0TM87 & TM89 series Application Note – Points for attention in using OTP IC Program10/16/2009
AP-TM87XX_02EV13.pdf1.3The solution to “How to avoid the Crystal oscillator being stopped by external interference when BCF flag is cleared to 0?” as TM87 series products applying to 3V power supply and LCD 1/3 bias.9/18/2009
AP-SZ031_20090723.zip1.0LED Clock+Lunar Calendar9/4/2009
AP-SZ027_20090710.zip1.0SZ027_01 4 Bit Microcontroller Application Note-Demo program resource usage illustration;SZ027_02 4 Bit Microcontroller Application Note-The Temperature Sensor Interface7/10/2009
AP-TM87XX_09EV13.pdf1.3How to implement the transmission of UART on TM8725, TM8726 and DEMO BOARD7/10/2009
AP-SZ032_20090710.zip1.0SZ032_01 4 Bit Microcontroller Application Note-Illustration for the Lunar Calendar query algorithm7/10/2009
AP-SZ044_20090710.zip1.0SZ044 4 Bit Microcontroller Application Note- The day in the week automatic adjustment7/10/2009
AP-TM87XX_01EV11.pdf1.1TM87 series 4 Bit Microcontroller Application Note- The solution to the “power on reset” problem during installing the battery procedure in 3V power supply and LCD 1/3 bias application。5/26/2009
AP-SZ062_20090519.zip1.0Introduction to all clock modes in the TM87 series5/19/2009
AP-SZ081_20090316.zip1.1How to use Key-Matrix Scanning function of TM87xx series MCU3/17/2009
AP-SZ077_20090316.zip1.2How to make bonding option for TM87/89 series MCU?3/16/2009
AP-SZ061_20090226.zip1.3Using an I/O port to implement the key control function3/16/2009
AP-SZ034_20080829.zip1.2SZ034 RCC Receive Block3/16/2009
AP-SZ028_20080827.zip1.2SZ028 Infrared Remote Controller Application Note3/16/2009
AP-TM87XX10EV12.pdf1.2The application note for using large-size LCD panel2/26/2009
AP-TM8724_02EV10.pdf1.0TM8724 Electrical Characteristics11/1/2006
AP-TM8727_01EV10.pdf1.0TM8727 Electrical Characteristics10/2/2006
SZ029.zip1.2如何利用tenx TM87系列MCU的IO port來實現RS-232的雙向傳輸功能9/22/2006
SZ026.zip1.2如何利用tenx TM87系列MCU的IO port來實現溫度以及溼度的量測9/22/2006
SZ083.zip1.1介紹tenx TM87系列MCU的interrupt功能8/31/2006
SZ082.zip1.1介紹tenx TM87系列MCU的HALT以及STOP功能8/31/2006
SZ035.zip1.2如何利用tenx TM87系列MCU來實現1/100秒的碼表計時功能8/31/2006
AP-TM87ICE01EV11.pdf1.1How to measure and adjust the frequency of oscillator on TM87 ICE and DEMO BOARD8/31/2006
AP-TM8722_01EV10.pdf1.0TM8722 electrical characteristics8/31/2006
AP-TM8726_01EV10 .pdf1.0TM8726 Electrical Characteristics8/31/2006
AP-TM87XX_12EV10.pdf1.0The difference between Demo Board/TM8795 and Mask type MCU in CX/SEG24 pin function4/26/2006
AP-TM8795_01EV10.pdf1.0TM8795 Electrical Characteristics4/26/2006
AP-TM87XX08EV11.pdf BCF flag 
AP-TM87XX05EV11.pdf The application of large-sized LCD panel 
AP-TM87XX07EV10.pdf Notes in using TM87 series to design Infra-Red remote controller 
AP-TM87XX03EV11.pdf TM87 series products apply to 3V power supply and LCD 1/3 bias. The following is the application circuit used to prevent the interference from piezoelectricity effect of the Buzzer 
AP-TM87XX04EV11.pdf Load capacitance and frequency tolerance of 32,768Hz Crystal Oscillator 

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