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 File Name
Update Date
TX9222-001.pcb 1.0TX9222-001 PCB file5/5/2006
TX9222-001BOM.xls 1.0TX9222-001 BOM5/5/2006
TX9222-001.sch 1.0TX9222-001 netlist5/5/2006
tx9222-001code.rar 1.0tx9222-001 Assembly program5/5/2006
TX-9222-001控制板.sch 1.0TX-9222-001控制板 netlist5/5/2006
gerber.rar 1.0TX9225 PCB file5/5/2006
SC9225BOM.xls 1.0SC9225 BOM5/5/2006
TX9225接腳尺寸定義.xls 1.0TX9225接腳尺寸定義5/5/2006
TX9225電路圖.pdf 1.0TX9225電路圖5/5/2006
TX9241-001.pcb 1.0TX9241-001 PCB file5/5/2006
TX9241-001.sch 1.0TX9241-001 netlist5/5/2006
tx9241-001code.rar 1.0tx9241-001 Assembly program5/5/2006
TX-9241-001.BOM.xls 1.0TX-9241-001 BOM5/5/2006
TX9221-001.pcb 1.0TX9221-001 PCB file5/5/2006
TX9221-001.sch 1.0TX9221-001 netlist5/5/2006

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