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 File Name
Update Date
DS-TM56F5412_16_12B_16B_EV094.pdf 0.94TM56F5412/16/12B/16B 8-Bit Microcontroller Data Sheet4/11/2022
DS-TM57MT21A_EV093.pdf 0.93TM57MT21A 8-Bit Microcontroller Data Sheet11/24/2020
DS-TM55M8428_8428T_8228_EV093.pdf 0.93TM55M8428/8428T/8228 8-Bit Microcontroller Data Sheet12/9/2019
DS-TM57PT20A_EV093.pdf 0.93TM57PT20A 8-Bit Microcontroller Data Sheet6/15/2018
DS-TM57PT16_PT16B_PA16_EV093.pdf 0.93TM57PT16/PT16B/PA16 8-Bit Microcontroller Data Sheet3/19/2018
DS-TM57M5526C_36C_EV092.pdf 0.92TM57M5526C/36C 8-Bit Microcontroller Data Sheet5/22/2017

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