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Title: tenx Releases 8-bit MCU Higher Performance Development Software C Compiler
Tenx releases MCU development tool TICE99IDE, starting from TICE99_version v1.0.4 
Build01 has supported C compiler. Not only supporting assembly language, but also C 
language programming feature, which is suitable for TM57xx and all TMU series products. 
Embedded system grows rapidly in recent years; developer uses C languages to build the 
system, can speed up the system development to meet market demand, and reduce the 
cost of the development of language learning. TICE99IDE provides C language development 
environment which is easy to learn and use; in intuitive, functional, architectural, 
readability, maintainability provide obvious advantages, let developer easier in the 
development of embedded systems.
Tenx TM57 C compiler has special analysis windows features which can increase 
efficiency, are provided in the original TICE99IDE, for example:
  .Multiple monitor and window management system
  .System display unit: display register content and EV Board connection message
  .Debug window: Single step, free run, run to cursor, etc…
   .Memory window: current used variable memory status and stack, working register status
  .Language switching: can switch language to English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
  .Variable usage condition: used memory size and addressable starting address hint 

In addition, TM57 C compiler has below features:
  .Compatible with ANSI-C: easy to transplant previous developed C program
  .Support bit logical and arithmetic operation: more efficient memory handling
  .Support C language and assembly language mixed programming mode: meets 
    better MCU special instruction operation characteristics and aging controllability
  .Assembly code after optimization is more concise and readable

TICE99 product combination contains one TICE99 main body, one DC9V/1.5A power supply, 
one MINI B USB connection line, one simulation board (according to customer demand, 
go with EV board), Product User Manual, the latest version of IDE software can be 
downloaded via tenx official website www.tenx.com.tw. 

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