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TP6931– USB2.0 Full Speed Stereo Output Speaker- IR- Remote Control Function
tenx released TP6931 is USB 2.0 Full Speed stereo output speaker, still 
has 44.1 kHz/48 kHz high performance sampling audio frequency application. 
TP6931 uses high performance digital output and built-in high power amplifier. 
Based on the audio source movement, it automatically synchronizes transmission 
and auto-adjusts the sampling rate of audio frequency, which greatly increases 
the audio frequency function of product. Additionally, the high power amplifier 
can provide more powerful and perfect sound effect.

TP6931 is highly integrated with peripheral element design, combines USB 
transceiver with 3.3V regulator, built-in class D high power amplifier, 
the output power of the speaker is up to 2.0W. It provides VOL+、VOL- and 
Mute function buttons as digital volume adjustment, and also 64-level volume 
precise adjustment. The operating voltage is 4.5V~5.5V, system operating 
frequency is up to 24 MHz. Its extra IR-Remote infra red transceiver can 
use infra red remoter to control functions including: Media, Play/Pause, 
Next, Previous, VOL+, VOL-, Mute, etc… Its complete design of multimedia 
keyboard can provide user higher performance product application, TP6931 
is a powerful IC especially designed for audio speaker, with package type 

*Compliance with the Universal Serial Bus specification v2.0 Full-Speed
*Built-in USB Transceiver & 3.3V Regulator
*Isochronous transfer with adaptive synchronization
*High performance 48 kHz and 44.1 kHz sampling rate for audio playback 
*Two channels audio Class-D Amplify for speaker driving
*64-level volume control
*IR-Remote receiver & Audio media function key 
*Support USB Suspend function
*24 MHz crystal oscillation
*28 -pin package

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