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Tenx launched a new of TM87 series latest price-performance king - TM87PL37H/L
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    TM87PL37H/L is the latest member of the tenx-speed 4bits MCU family. 
The ROM space is 15.5K*16bits; the RAM space is 2K*4bits; 
the maximum number of LCD points that can be driven is 459 points (9*51);
the minimum operating voltage of TM87PL37L is 0.95v ; 
The above four indicators are the highest configuration in 
the current TM87 series IC, thus establishing the status of TM87PL37H/L
as the latest king of TM87 series chips.

    TM87PL37H/L is developed and produced by using the latest generation 
of domestic chip process technology. On the basis of retaining 4bits super 
low power consumption performance, it also supports LCD hardware voltage regulation output, ultra low power consumption automatic 
LVR/LBD circuit,and efficient 4 Bit Parallel Processor ALU, ROM, RAM, 
I/O Ports, Timer, Clock Generator,Dual Clock Operation, Resistor-Frequency Converter (RFC), EL Panel Driver, PLA LCD Driver, Lookup Table, 
Watchdog Timing circuit, etc.

    Tenx-speed is continuously optimized in chip development technology. 
Although TM87PL37H/L is a 4BIT chip, it also integrates all the design
concepts and achievements formed in the development of tenx-speed 
technology, which are briefly listed as follows:

1. Accurate voltage regulator circuit and high-precision production calibration process provide high-stability LCD and chip core voltage 
regulator output. Support LED direct push mode, all its COM and SEG
lines can be used as output ports, and because of the use of hardware LCD voltage regulator circuit, it can provide perfect display effect and also support 
driving 1/2 of all voltage parameters on the market. ,1/3Bias LCD display;

2. OTP program memory with unique "TTP (Two TimesProgramming) function. 
With the addition of OTP type ROM with a price advantage, its cost is very competitive. In the design, the TM87PL37H/L's large 15.5K Word ROM 
space is implemented. Optimization, for all programs + Table space less 
than 7.75K Word projects, can achieve two program burning on the 
TM87PL37H/L chip;

3. In addition to the ordinary LVR1 circuit, a set of LVR2 circuit is added, 
which has a more accurate and stable reset voltage;

4. The working voltage automatic conversion circuit can automatically detect 
the change of the power supply voltage and automatically modify 
the internal registers to adapt to a wide range of voltage applications;

5. Added POWER RESET line shutdown option, which can be combined 
with LVR1 and LVR2 to achieve a wider range of dual power supply projects;

6. Add the mirror design of COM1~COM9 and SEG32~39, making LCD 
wiring and application more flexible;

7. The CX rising edge control method is added to the RFC circuit to realize 
the control of the hardware charge and discharge operation and solve 
the problem of low voltage temperature test drift;

8. CX high voltage control is added to the RFC circuit for accurate 
measurement of pulse signal length;

9. The TIMER2 control frequency generator circuit is added to the RFC circuit, 
which is used for the frequency measurement of the slow clock (32768) for 
the fast clock.

The TM87PL37H/L chip, which integrates the above-mentioned unique functions 
and features, will surely occupy an important position in the ultra-power-saving consumer electronic products like its predecessors.

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