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tenx launched a new TM57P8620/P8625/P8640/P8645 LCD type TM57 series
	TM57P8620/P8625, TM57P8640/P8645 integrate high-efficiency TM57 core, with accurate low-power clock.
In terms of specifications, 
it conforms to the working temperature of TM57P8620/P8640 -40℃~ 85℃, and the working temperature of TM57P8625/P8645 -20℃~ 85℃.
High anti-interference EFT/ESD performance requirements, very suitable for various power-saving AC Timer products.

	TM57P8625 has built-in 16-bit RFC and 1 PWM output.

	TM57P8620/P8625, TM57P8640/P8645 integrate intelligent electronic timer specifications, which can automatically control the time accurately and accurately, and can set 40 different modes to turn the power on or off.
It can be set within 1-24 hours or weekly cycle timing. It can be used for the built-in rechargeable battery, no need to replace the battery (the original setting value is not affected when the power is cut off, and it can resume normal operation without resetting when the power is on).
Scope of application: control of electric fans, monitors, stereos, water dispensers, aquarium breeding, gardening sprinklers, etc.

	tools Tenx has planned a convenient development tool TICE99 for TM57P8620/P8625, TM57P8640/P8645 to connect to EV8228 emulation board,
It can be directly debugged online. Connect the EV8228 Board on the TICE99 through USB to simulate the status of the IC in real time. 
It can directly access the memory and set the register.
Provides program debugging breakpoints and steps (STEP) to perform functions such as 
tracking and analyzing data, improving program development efficiency and debugging capabilities, and is very suitable for rapid product development.

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