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tenx launched a new TM5F1732/16 high efficiency type TM52series
	TM52F1732/16 integrates high-efficiency F51 core, with 32K/16K FLASH and 1280byte RAM capacity, 
with precise 12-bit A/D converter, and low-power clock and LCD or LED display function, 
compared with traditional 8051 The chip, which runs faster and more efficiently overall, 
retains most of the features of the standard 8051. In terms of specifications, it meets the performance requirements of -40℃~85℃ working 
temperature and high anti-interference EFT/ESD performance requirements, and the CTK touch function also has the performance of passing 10V-CS conductive interference, supporting up to 20 TK buttons, suitable for Used in various AC power products.

1. Display
1) Internally provides dual-frequency input fast clock FRC 14.7456MHz or slow clock SRC 80 KHz;
2) Externally provide dual frequency input FXT 1~16 MHz and SXT 32.768 KHz;
3) The system frequency is selected by the developer, and different operating frequencies can be selected in different working modes (Fast/Slow/Idle/Stop) to achieve overall power saving.

2. Touch
1) Provide 20-ch capacitive touch, support internal reference capacitance and automatic touch clock modulation;
2) Using CTK touch hardware method for touch detection, the touch detection speed is very fast, and the overall power consumption during detection is very small;
3) The touch structure is a highly integrated IC, which can provide up to 20 Touch key inputs without external capacitive components.

3. Other peripherals
F1732 program memory provides 32K Bytes flash memory space
F1716 program memory provides 16K Bytesflash memory space, and provides ICP/ISP/IAP storage function

1) The memory memory IRAM provides 256Bytes storage space, and the memory memory XRAM provides 1024Bytes storage space;
2) Two sets of UART interfaces are compatible with standard 8051, and one set of SPI interface is provided;
3) Timer0/1/2 steps are standard 8051 timers, and an external 32.768KHz oscillator can be used in Timer3;
4) Provide a 15-bit timer for time counting, providing developers with a very accurate clock source.

4. Development tools
Tenspeed has planned an easy-to-use USB development tool T-Link ICE Board for TM52F1732/16. 
Connecting to EV Board, you can directly use the original IC (Real chip) for online debugging, 
and connect EV Board through USB to simulate the status of the IC directly. 
For memory access and register settings, it provides breakpoints and steps (STEP) for program debugging to perform functions such as trace analysis data, 
improve program development efficiency and debug capabilities, and is very suitable for rapid product development.

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