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tenx launched a new TM5F1376 high efficiency type TM52series
    TM52F1376 is a new, fast 8051 architecture, fully compatible with the industry standard 8051 instruction set 
8-bit microcontroller, and maintains the 8051 peripheral function modules. Typically, the 
TM52 executes instructions six times faster than the traditional 8051 architecture.

    TM52F1376 provides higher performance, lower cost, and can quickly enter the market by integrating multiple 
functions on the chip, including 16K bytes of Flash program memory,
128 bytes of EEPROM data memory, 512 bytes of SRAM, low voltage Reset (LVR), Low Voltage Detection (LVD), 
Dual Clock Power-Saving Mode, 8051 Standard UART and Timer Timer0/Timer1/Timer2, Real Time Timer Timer3, 
LCD/LED Driver, 3 Groups of 16-bit PWM, 24-channel 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC), 
I2C serial port and watchdog timer (WDT). Its high reliability and low power consumption can be widely used in consumer 
electronics and household appliances.

1. Mass storage and applicable programming space

 ● 16K bytes large-capacity flash storage;

 ● 512 bytes of SRAM (IRAM+XRAM);

 ● 128 bytes EEPROM, convenient for users to write programs and store data.

2. Faster internal clock

 ● 18.432M fast clock frequency, low voltage working requirements (>2.2V), so that the chip can run more efficiently;

 ● The slow clock frequency of 130K reduces the warm-up time and enables the chip to have a faster power-on speed.

3. Rich pin definitions

 ● All pins support pull-up and pull-down, and some pins can be set to enhance current sink capability;

 ● Most of the pins can be used as ADC channels, all pins support output 1/2VCC, and all pins can wake up the chip from stop mode, which is convenient for user layout and wiring.

4. Flexible peripheral resources

 ● In addition to outputting pulses, the 3-channel PWM can also be used as a timer alone, making up for the shortage of only timer2 in the 16-bit auto-reloadable timer;

 ● Both UARTs support baud rate from 1200-115200, the tx and rx interfaces can be exchanged at the same time, and the chip usage is more flexible;

 ● LED driver includes forward and reverse scan mode and dot matrix mode, 9 IOs can drive up to 64 LEDs;

 ● From 2.05v to 4.15v, a total of 16 levels of low voltage detection (LVD) can be set;

 ● With VCC/2.5V/3/4V multiple references and up to 24 channel selectable ADC;

 ● In addition to the standard 51 multiplication and division, it also has 16*16/16÷16/32÷16 hardware multiplication and division.

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