tenx technology


tenx launched a new TM57M5640/M5645 LCD type TM57 series
    The TM57M5640/M5645 integrates a high-efficiency TM57 core with a precision 
low-power clock. The TM57M5640 uses a 3V to drive LCD 4com*44seg with built-in 
LCD 1/3 Bias display capability, while the TM57M5645 uses a low voltage 1.5V to 
drive the LCD 4com. *42seg built-in LCD 1/2, 1/3 Bias display, Built-in 16-bit RFC 
(Resistance Frequency Converter) and 2-sets PWM output. Its design is well suited 
for AC Timer Product. The TM57M5640 meets the AC Timer performance 
requirements of -40 ° C ~ 85 ° C operating temperature and specifications of high 
anti-interference EFT / ESD.

    The TM57M5640/M5645 integrates intelligent electronic timer specifications, 
which can automatically control the time and accuracy. It can set 40 different modes 
to turn the power on or off. It can be set within 1-24 hours or weekly cycle. It can 
be used for the built-in rechargeable battery to replace the battery (the original 
setting value is not affected during the power failure, and the normal operation can 
be resumed without a reset when the call is made). Can be widely used to control 
electric fans, dehumidifiers, monitors, stereos, water dispensers, aquarium farming, 
garden sprinklers, etc.

    The TM57M5640/M5645, the easy-to-use development tool TICE99.  it connected 
to the EV8228 emulation board, which can be directly debugged online. The status 
of the EV8228 Board real-time simulation on the TICE99 and the register setting can 
be directly accessed and temporarily stored. The settings of the breakpoint and step-
by-step (STEP) executable trace analysis data, etc., improve the program 
development efficiency and debugging capability, which is very suitable for rapid 
product development. The package is available in a 64-pin LQFP for the best 
package footprint and Dice-form.


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