tenx technology


tenx launched a new TM52M8264 / M8268 high efficiency type F51 series
    TM52M8264/M8268 integrates high efficiency F51 internal core, with accurate 12-
bit resolution ADC, low power consumption real time clock function, TM52M8264 is 
very suitable for home appliances, for example   rice cooker, coffee maker, electric 
stove, thermos, battery chargers, hood, etc… AC home appliances, while 
TM52M8268 also has touch key function, can be applied in products such as: Touch 
key rice cooker, Touch key electric stove, Touch key coffee maker, touch key 
thermos, touch key hood , touch key control home appliances, etc….The 
specification meets engineering rules -40℃~85℃ operating temperature and high 
noise immunity EFT/ESD characteristics demand, suitable for use in a variety of AC 
power supply product field.

    TM52M8264/M8268 uses tenx F51 CPU Core, compared to the traditional 8051 
IC, the overall operating speed is faster and more efficient. TM52M8264/M8268 
keeps most of the characteristics in standard 8051, program memory provides 8 K 
Bytes MTP memory space; developers can store data directly into MTP memory 
space, while internal IRAM provides 512 Bytes storage space, UART interface is 
compatible with standard 8051, Timer0/1/2 is standard 8051 timer. Besides, in 
Timer3 user can use 32.768 KHz clock source. Timer3 provides 15-bit timer which 
allows time counting, provides developer very accurate clock source.

    In internal TM52M8264/M8268 provides dual frequency input FRC 14.7456 MHz 
or SRC 68 KHz, while external also provides dual frequency input FXT 1~8 MHz and 
SXT 32.768 KHz. And allows developer chooses system frequency, can select 
different operating frequency under different operating mode (Fast/Slow/Idle/Stop); 
can achieve the overall power saving.

    TM52M8264/M8268 provides 2 sets of 8+2 PWM digital output, while external 
input provides 10-ch input 12-bit ADC and internal VBG. Besides, TM52M8268 
provides 15-ch capacitive touch, using touch key hardware for touch key detection. 
Therefore, touch key detection speed is very fast, the overall power consumption is 
very small when detected, TM52M8268 touch key structure is highly-integrated IC, 
only needs very little external element, yet can provide up to 15 touch key inputs.

    For TM52M8264/M8268, tenx plans of using convenient USB development tool 
T-Link ICE Board connection EV8276 board, which can directly use the original IC 
(Real chip) to do ICE in-line trimming. Using USB EV8276 Board immediately 
simulate IC condition, can access memory space and set register directly, provide 
routine breakpoint and step, can execute tracking analysis data, increase program 
development efficiency and debug capability, very suitable for fast product 
development. Packaging with TSSOP20, 20/24-SOP/DIP, MSOP10,QFN20 provide 
the best possible package pin.


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